Is it true that once melanin forms, it cannot be eliminated?

Wrong! If melanin is never eliminated, our skin will keep becoming darker and darker. We have even skin tones most of our lives because the cycle of melanin production is

Melanin pigment forms from the bottom layer of the epidermis and is pushed up to skin’s surface. Under normal circumstance melanin will gradually fade away following skin’s monthly metabolism cycle.

This cycle of melanin production becomes unstable, however, with sun damage, inflammation (acne), injury to the skin, and age-related hormonal changes. This will cause an increase in melanin production and leads to melanin being distributed unevenly across the skin’s epidermis.

The excess melanin usually forms clusters and the skin appears darker in these areas, resulting in hyper-pigmentation.  The use of a safe, professional Vitamin C or a Brightening product will help with evening out skin tone, lightening those dark spots.




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