Younger Skin with Acids

Acid is a smart choice to exfoliate your skin. Acids lift away dead cells and reveal fresh, undamaged skin. Unlike scrubs, acids exfoliate uniformly and they are less likely to irritate your skin. The key is not to overdo and overuse acids in your skin care routine. You should have just one acid product at home.

Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule, so it penetrates deepest. Derived from sugar, it’s the most effective but as a greater potential to irritate.

Latic acid, made from sour milk, is the second-smallest molecule. It’s gentler than glycolic and draws moisture to the skin as it removes dead cells, so it hydrating too.

Fruit acids, such as citric (from lemon and grapefruit) and malic (from apples) are larger compounds that work on the uppermost layer of the skin. They are often combined with glycolic and lactic acids for faster result.

Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid, is ideal for treating acne. It penetrates and unclogs oily pores.

Trichloroacetic acid (or TCA) is used by doctors for intense in-office peels that can cause deep (and ugly) peeling before transforming skin.

Do acids do anything in a cleanser?

Cleansers with AHAs can smooth skin a little, but not enough to pay a premium for them. You’re better washing off your skin with a basic, gentle cleanser, then use an AHA cream or serum. If you have acne-prone skin, a salicylic acid cleanser is worth buying. Salicylic acid will seek for oily, clogged pores and clearing them, even when you just leave it on your skin for a minute.

Eileen Mai Clear & Bright Gel Cleanser with a potent blend of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid and natural fruit enzymes is a clear, oil-free, deep cleansing gel designed for maximum effectiveness in the fight against blemishes and brighten complexion.

You may also want to try other Eileen Mai products with acids like Pumpkin AHA Exfoliating Brightening Masque, Brightening Serum, Clear & Bright Facial Toner, Cranberry AHA 2-in-1 Exfoliating Brightening Masque, Bio-Advanced AHA Face & Neck Intensive Firming Creme.

Our Salicylic Clear Spot Treatment Masque is a popular choice for people with acne problem skin. Salicylic in this product will clear up blemishes, reduce redness and unclog pores while aloe soothes and helps prevent over-drying.

Hyaluronic Acid, Nature’s Best Moisturizer

23958039_sHave you been struggling to combat dry skin, only to walk away from every single product with the overall feeling that all it did was turn your face into a greasy mess?

Believe it or not, that is the problem that most people have with traditional skin care products. What’s worse is that these chemical laden products also contain alcohols, which serve to dry out the skin, meaning that many others become dependent on them in an attempt to stop dryness and burning. If you are sick of being trapped in that cycle, it is time that you turn to a product that works- products with high concentration of hyaluronic acid. Continue reading

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Eating Collagen-rich Food – Does it help improve your skin?

12010056_sWhat is collagen?
Collagen is a protein, accounting for 25% of total protein in the human body. Collagen’s primary function is to connect the body tissues together. To put it simply, if there is no collagen, our body will collapse. There are at least 11 types of collagen. In particular, type I and IV plays an important role in skin texture.

Naturally, on average, a person will lose about 30% osf the total amount of collagen when entering the age of 40. There are many diseases related to the lack of collagen, including arthritis and bone disease. Sagging skin and wrinkles as well as a problem related to the shortage of collagen. Continue reading

Acne Be Gone

When it comes to effectively treating pimples, we’d always look for ingredients listed below that actually work and choose the one(s) best suited to your skin’s condition.

Benzoyl Peroxide
Best for: Either spot treating big, angry pimples or as a full face treatment.
What to expect: Improvement in a few days, maximum results in three months.
Where to get it: In OTC topical treatments or by prescription Continue reading

Eileen Mai’s popular exfoliating products

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes that act like alpha hydroxy acids. Alpha hydroxy acids have been shown to promote smoother, younger-looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.

– Improve the appearance of fine lines, age spots, freckles, and rough skin 

– Minimizes pore size, brightens skin

– Stimulates the production of new and healthy skin cells, reverses the signs of aging

This product is suitable for all skin types, except for sensitive skin, on Rosecea or open wound. Continue reading

Choose the right exfoliator for your skin type

applying facial masqueEvery day, your skin is exposed to dust, smoke, and heat from the sun. So, only washing your face is not enough to take away all the dirt and dead skin cells. Each week, do not forget to find some time for facial exfoliating, you will be surprised to see how cleaner and smoother your skin will be.

There are two basic types of exfoliating products: mechanical type with particles and chemical type containing enzymes from plants or fruits. Continue reading

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Supplements For Healthy Skin

vitamin - supplementThere is no magic, all in one skin perfecting tablet, but there are handful of supplements we can take that will benefit our skin’s health and, in turn, our complexion.

Resveratrol: This natural antioxidant has been shown in some studies to protect skin against UV damage, increase elasticity, and diminish age spots. An alcohol – free way to get its benefits: concentrated supplements of the stuff. Continue reading

4 Myths About Natural Ingredients

8533338_sNowadays, we all are overwhelmed with skin care news, beauty tips from multi media channels and are often confused by those claims, not sure which ones are facts, which ones are just myths. Here are four of the most common misconceptions about natural ingredients that many of us believe otherwise.

1. You can break out the blender to make your own face cream. Technically you can, but anti-aging skin care is more scientific aging skin care is more scientific than mixing avocado and olive oil together. Many active ingredients come from unripe plants or parts of the plant you don’t eat, like seeds, roots, and stems. Continue reading