Choose the right exfoliator for your skin type

applying facial masqueEvery day, your skin is exposed to dust, smoke, and heat from the sun. So, only washing your face is not enough to take away all the dirt and dead skin cells. Each week, do not forget to find some time for facial exfoliating, you will be surprised to see how cleaner and smoother your skin will be.

There are two basic types of exfoliating products: mechanical type with particles and chemical type containing enzymes from plants or fruits.

Normal skin 

15809422_m - Copy (2)With normal skin, you can choose different types of exfoliator. Simply, you need to select the products with antioxidants such as retinol helps slow the aging process. You should choose a product with the flowers fragrance to add more relaxing feel such as Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Facial Scrub or Herbal Facial Scrub.

Dry skin

honeyThe best exfoliating type for dry skin must moisturize, nourish the skin, but not strip of natural oils on the skin. Choose products made from finely ground almonds or honey. This natural ingredients will enhance smoothness and protect your skin from bacteria and fungi. Honey & Almond Facial Scrub is a good choice for dry skin, will remove dead skin cells without drying out your skin.

Oily skin

For oily skin, don’t exfoliate too much as it will make your skin drier and create more oil.
The dermatologists recommend that people with oily skin should use exfoliating cream or from oats or coal. You may also select the product from the combination of brown sugar with lemon and aloe to increase the efficiency of oil reduction, and skin healing. The products especially suitable for oily skin or acne are those containing AHA, retinol, fruit acids or enzymes. Besides, these products also reach deeper epidermal layers, not just the surface of your skin. You can try
Herbal Facial Scrub or Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for oily skin.

Sensitive skin

If you have sensitive or allergy skin, you need to choose products with small particles which are gentle, smooth and preferably the grains can melt when rubbed. You should stay away from coffee to nuts, salt, brown sugar because they will cause skin redness and itching discomfort.

If you don’t like facial scrub with beads, you can pick a cream exfoliating containing fruit acids or honey. Honey has anti-fungal properties, antibacterial fruit acids also contain nutrients to help your skin be smooth and healthy. Pumpkin Enzyme Peel is a natural exfoliating enzyme rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids.

After exfoliating, do not forget to wear sunscreen to protect your new skin from the harmful effects of the sun. A smooth, healthy skin after exfoliating will easily absorb nutrients from nourishing cream or serum. So exfoliation is one important step to increase the efficiency of the your skin care regimen that you should not ignore.


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