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Younger Skin with Acids

Acid is a smart choice to exfoliate your skin. Acids lift away dead cells and reveal fresh, undamaged skin. Unlike scrubs, acids exfoliate uniformly and they are less likely to irritate your skin. The key is not to overdo and … Continue reading

Supplements For Healthy Skin

There is no magic, all in one skin perfecting tablet, but there are handful of supplements we can take that will benefit our skin’s health and, in turn, our complexion. Resveratrol: This natural antioxidant has been shown in some studies … Continue reading

Protect, prevent and lighten dark spots

Lose years in minutes! Fade dark spots for good with the following advice broken down into two straightforward steps: 1/Protect and prevent: First and foremost, your best line of defense is to prevent age spots in the first place. So … Continue reading


With thousands of skin care products on the market making claims that they provide the top anti-aging serums, firm up your skin, or cven out skin tone, how do you know which ones are true and which are false? Many … Continue reading

Antioxidants for Effective Skin Care

Antioxidants are classified into natural or artificial substances that help prevent or slow down cell damage. These compounds can be found in various food products such as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants can also come in the form of dietary supplements. … Continue reading

Three steps to brightening skin

1. Load up on lighteners: There are lots of vitamins and botanical that fade spots by interrupting melanin production, including vitamin C, vitamin B3 (Niacin-amide), soy, licorice, arbutin, and kojic acid. But they work in slightly different ways, so fit … Continue reading

Even Out Your Skin Tone – Treatments for Sun Spots, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation

Excessive sun exposure may have damaged the cells that produce melanin, leading to dark spots on your face, chest, and hands. You can’t just treat spots; you have to protect your skin from the sun every day or the spots … Continue reading

High-SPF Sunscreens: Are They Better?

When you’ve shopped for sunscreens, you have probably noticed products with very high sun protection factor (SPF) ratings. But is a 100+ or a 90+ sunscreen really that much better than one with an SPF of 30? What is SPF? … Continue reading

Get Youthful Skin: 10 Easy Anti-Aging Tricks

The simple things you can do to take years…and years…and years off your face. SHRINK YOUR PORES Your pores expand as gunk accumulates in them—and the older you get, the more likely they are to stay expanded. Put them on … Continue reading

Antioxidants – Skin Defenders

There’s no doubt that skin needs antioxidants. But with so many available, the question is which ones. We’ve got the answer. Like sex educators, dermatologists constantly lecture on the importance of using protection. And we’re not just talking about SPF … Continue reading