My hands are starting to look like my grandmother’s, what can I do?

When your hands are dry, lines, and creepy-ness are more obvious, which is why it’s so important to keep them moisturized: It plumps the skin, so they appear more youthful.

Most body lotions aren’t hydrating enough to do the job, so use a hand cream that contains humectants like glycerin, which draw water to the skin, plus ingredients that prevent moisture loss, such as dimethicone, which is a moisture sealant that helps protect and condition skin.  

Try our  Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant Hand Creme
a super rich, powerful, non-greasy hand creme, provides instant protection and relief for your hands, helps to restore moisture to optimal levels for soft, smooth hands.

Reapply throughout the day – especially with all the hand washing you do during flu season – and wear leather gloves (which won’t wick any moisture) when you’re outside.  They keep hands hydrated while protecting against dry air and UV rays, which cause damage, even in the winter.

Besides using a hand creme, the use of a Retinol or Vitamin C serum once or twice a week on your hands, before applying the hand creme, will also help make your hands look smoother, softer, and younger.




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