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EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy“I’m so delighted with the results since using your products Clear & Bright gel cleanser & toner, Salicylic Masque and Silky Seaweed face lotion. My skin had breakouts very often since I was a teenager, I’m now in my thirties.  I have seen a big improvement in my skin and rarely have any breakouts anymore.” (Selena C., Irvine, US)

“My skin is very dry, with many creams I tried before, they all were either not moisturizing enough or very greasy. A friend recommended your Bio-Advanced AHA Face & Neck Intensive Firming Creme. I tried and love it so much. It is amazing, subtle, very moisturized, yet not greasy at all. Can’t wait to recommend it to those with dry skin. Thanks so much for this great product.” (Louise A., Ohio, US)

 “I use the Cranberry 2 in 1 AHA Brightening Masque and like it very much because the exfoliating sensation is very gentle, not harsh or burning the skin. The Vitamin C serum is fast absorbent, not greasy like the moisturizer I used before. The weather in Vietnam is very hot these days, but I noticed that my skin does not have as much oil as before, it feels very light and good.” (Ha Thai, Ha Noi, Vietnam)

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Eileen Mai Organic Kiss Lip Gloss! Keeping my lip supple, moisturizing without being stickiness. Thanks so much for having an amazing product with no harmful chemicals 🙂 ” (Hailey R., New Jersey, US)

“My skin often reacts badly to so many ingredients, yet with Eileen Mai Soothing Gel Cleanser, Soothing Toner and All in One Younger Skin Serum, it seems to sooth and relax, receiving many compliments on my young skin. Thank you so much for these wonderful, natural skin care products.” (Valeria S., Florida, US)

Soothing gel cleansing and All in one serum are great products for my sensitive skin and very fast shipping! Thank you so much!” (Cierra, Indiana, US)

“OMG I feel young once again… Your Retinol serum is amazing. I had acne marks on my face and my skin was uneven and bumpy.” (A.H. Manhattan Beach, CA, USA)

 “I really love this product! Eileen Mai All in One Younger Skin Serum feels and smells beautifully, and I noticed its rejuvenating results straight away! Thank you so much!” (Emma S. , Chicago, US)

 “Eileen Mai Clear and Bright Gel Cleanser product is amazing, I will never use another face wash now for as long as I live. My skin is very clean.” (Luna G., Oregon, US)

“Bought as a gift for my sister whose skin was oily and sensitive. The Clear & Bright Gel cleanser is very soothing, cleanse very well without irritate her skin. The Silky Seaweed hydrator is also so soothing on her skin. Thank you.”  (Kim T., Oakland, US)

 “I’ve already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the All in One Younger Skin Serum.” (Sarah K., Austin, Texas)

Bio-Advanced AHA Face & Neck Intensive Firming Creme is a wonderful, very soothing cream for my face which was very dry and sensitive.”  (Amelie G., France)

“Being a Dior counter manager, I had lots of opportunities to try out different brand name skincare products, but this is a first time ever I say “Wow” after I tried EILEEN MAI® Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. I had been using it for four weeks. My skin turned out softer, glowing and  more even. I can not keep touching my skin. Can not live without EILEEN MAI® Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. You will be amazed after first time use. Now I can not wait to explore more awesome products from EILEEN MAI®.” (Vanessa T., Texas, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy“The Eileen Mai Soothing Gel Cleansing arrived quickly and seems to work wonders. It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or stripped, very gentle on my skin.” (Juanita B., New Mexico, USA)

“Some of EILEEN MAI products we use regularly are Sulfur Masque, Silky Seaweed hydrator, Bio-Advance AHA firming creme, and Cranberry AHA 2 in 1 brightening masque. They are so good, our skin is much better. My sister’s acne with red blemishes has been partially reduced, no longer visible or reddish as before. Our skin is very normal now.”  (Hoai Thuong, Vietnam)

“Love Eileen Mai natural, organic skin care products so much, already recommended these amazing products to my friends and family!” (Regina, San Francisco, US)


Dear Ms. Eileen Mai,
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sample products I received from you. Even with the small size of these samples, I could really feel a good difference in my skin. I’m writing this to thank you for your thorough explanations and instructions on using
EILEEN MAI® Natural, Organic beauty products, as well as your honest answers about the ingredients in them and the percentage of preservatives used. Before, I neither cared nor knew about the negative effects brought on by many preservatives commonly used in beauty products on the skin and health of the users. Thanks to you, I’m now much more careful in choosing beauty products and looking at the ingredients used.

EILEEN MAI® Vitamin C Daily Protection Moisturizer SPF 30 sunscreen was the first product I tried, and it was wonderful to find out that it wasn’t greasy or left my skin shiny. I also love EILEEN MAI® Natural Lip Moisturizer SPF 15, which provided sun protection as well as moisturized my lips, leaving them so soft. 

Another favorite product is the EILEEN MAI® Silky Seaweed Hydrator. My skin is normally very oily, so much so that I didn’t want to use any moisturizer. You’ve helped me to understand that moisturizers are necessary for all skin types to keep skin young and firm. Now I use the EILEEN MAI® Silky Seaweed Hydrator daily, and I love the way it gently moisturizes my skin without making it even more oily. 

Once again, I’d like to thank you for giving a very informational and helpful skin consultation, as well as for providing me with pure and organic beauty products. (Linh T. , Can Tho, Vietnam)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

It made a huge improvement in my skin. And it does not irritate my skin as other AHA products do. My face feels smoother, and my skin tone looks brighter. I loved EILEEN MAI® All-in-One Younger Skin Serum and would tell anyone to try it.” (Camila J., Salt Lake City, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“Finding a sunscreen contain Zinc Oxide and does not leave white chalky marks on your  skin is hard, until I came over EILEEN MAI®   Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 on the web. This is the one! Besides Zinc (which provides protection against both UVA and UVB), it also has Vitamin C, a plus to help with antioxidant and lightening skin.

A light moisturizer that blend easily onto my skin, with a very subtle and pleasant natural scent, and do not feel heavy or oily on my skin. Just love it so much! I’ve recommended this sunscreen to my mom, sister and friend, they all love it too. Thanks for this wonderful product!” (Marieanna K., CA, US)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

EILEEN MAI® Retinol Skin Smoothing Serum is unlike any I’ve ever used. The smoothness and even tone of my skin lets me go without makeup, which I normally would never do.” (Faith M., Staten Island, NY, US)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

EILEEN MAI® Hydraboost Collagen Complex is thicker/richer than a serum, but light enough to sink in, heavy enough to moisturize without causing breakouts. Two in one, I love this. My skin is rather oily and very sensitive. After a few weeks, you definitely could see a difference; the fine lines were disappearing and my skin firmed up. I’ve received compliments from friends, family, and coworkers about the glow in my face.”(Madelyn F., Arizona, US)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

Love, love, love this eye gel. I can see a huge difference after using EILEEN MAI®  Vitamin C- Peptide Eye Gel for a month. My fine lines and crow’s feet have improved.”(Morgan H, NJ, US)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

EILEEN MAI® Brightening Serum really lightened my dark spots and evened my skin tone. I also love its natural, very light scent of this serum!” (Qian Hong, HongKong)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

My pores appeared smaller, and my skin tone looked brighter. Also, EILEEN MAI® Pumpkin Enzyme Peel did not cause any irritation as other peels do.” (Kim B., Oregon, US)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“I have tried several products in the past, but nothing worked. EILEEN MAI® Retinol Skin Smoothing Serum did wonders to my skin. The acne marks appeared faded and my face glowed! Even my husband noticed the difference!” (Sabrina, CO, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“With so many anti-aging products on the market today and all claim they are the best, I was skeptical, but EILEEN MAI® Peptides Firming Night Creme really seems to make a difference. I noticed that the product seemed to erase and soften lines, especially on my forehead, where my wrinkles are the most pronounced.” (Ann L., Alberta, Canada)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“I strongly recommend EILEEN MAI®  Vitamin C Night Crème to all who want to slow the aging process. It seemly works. Once again, thanks so much. I feel wonderful!” (Sophia, New Jersey, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

I’m 45 and my combination skin is rather sensitive. I’ve tried many anti-aging serums but they were too strong for my skin, not to mention some were either drying out my skin or too oily. But when I tried EILEEN MAI®  All In One Younger Skin Serum, my sensitive skin love it immediately. It keeps my skin so soft. No more oily of heavy moisturizer. Very much in love with this! :-)” (Emily, NY, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“It’s feel like the fine lines around my eyes have diminished a little. Even my husband notices this change! And this Vitamin C – Peptide eye gel is cool, feel good on the skin and good to go under my make up during the day.” (Heather, Sydney, Australia)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

EILEEN MAI® Hydraboost Collagen Complex is unlike any I’ve ever used. I was doubtful that any anti-aging cream or serum actually worked as advertised. Especially with my skin is sensitive, so it usually became red or itchy when using an anti-aging product. But I was wrong with this one. My skin looks younger-it’s firmer and has less visible wrinkles, and there is not redness or itchiness. Love it!” (Svea, Gothenburg, Sweden)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“I bought the Silky Seaweed Hydrator from EILEEN MAI® and absolutely love it! I have oily skin and the Silky Seaweed Hydrator is oil free so it suits my skin well. I don’t break out at all using this product. Plus, it makes my skin feel so soft. The seaweed smell of this hydrator is awesome…so pleasant, and makes my day every time I put it on.” (Kristy Duong, CA, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“I am greatly impressed with EILEEN MAI® Vitamin C Night Crème. I’m 33 years old and have been using this crème for the past 2 months. I feel drastic improvement in my facial skin. My skin now looks bright and young. The sun spots are less noticeable.” (Kate, FL, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

I couldn’t thank enough for this fantastic product. It genuinely works. EILEEN MAI®  Retinol Skin Smoothing Serum is my best friend for life…” (Laura, San Diego, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

My skin feels softer, super smooth, fresh and has a glow after using EILEEN MAI® Pumpkin Enzyme Peel.” (Julia H., Florida, USA)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“I have a sensitive and rather dry skin and am allergic to strong chemicals. When my face started showing the signs of aging around the eyes, lips and neck, there was little I could do about it. Most of the products I’ve tried till date contained harsh chemicals and aggravated my skin condition.

For the first time, I’ve found something that’s perfect for me and my skin. EILEEN MAI® All-in- One Younger Skin Serum works like magic. It’s gentle on my skin, my skin feels soft and supple. Just love it so much”  (Natasha S., Manchester, UK)

EM-Green-HR-125x120 - Copy

“This is the best serum I have ever used. And at 67, I’ve tried a lot of them! I have been using this product for over 6 months now. My skin is more hydrated, radiant and wrinkles are less noticeable. People are always asking me what I use. This EILEEN MAI® All-in-One Younger Skin Serum will be one product that will remain a part of my skincare regime.” (Karen, Texas, US)

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NO Parabens, Phthalates, or Harsh Chemicals.

Fragrance Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free. Vegan Formulas.


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